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Andy Rubin e Android

Android’s share of the tablet market still lags embarrassingly far behind the iPad, and the Android @ Home effort, an initiative to get developers to build apps to automate home devices, has sputtered.

Even though three Android phones are now sold for every iPhone, Google has still yet to fully figure out how to leverage the open system to its advantage. While Android has been great for handset makers, especially Samsung, it’s failed to advance the Google ecosystem as much as hoped or make much money. "Ironically, in some cases Microsoft may be making more money off Android than Google, because of patent payments," said Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg. In other instances, Android has completely run away from Google. Amazon's Kindle Fire is built on Android, but you’d never know it — and the Amazon app store competes with Google’s.

— Adrianne Jeffries su The Verge

Le parole di Adrianne Jeffries di The Verge sono taglienti come un rasoio. Android ha il pregio di essere diventato l’unica piattaforma post-PC capace di superare i numeri di Apple.

Ma chi ha veramente raccolto i frutti del robottino verde è stata Samsung che nel frattempo ha fatto a pezzi i competitor del barcone marchiato … Continua la lettura →